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Ancuța Iordăchescu

Normandy Living Project

January 28 2015

Because I have decided to add a Blog page to my website, I shall make my first post one of sharing my news with you.

I am very slowly getting in work mood in the new year (lazy, yes) and together with my friend chef Ivan Simmonds who lives in Normandy, will bring you a webmagazine about simple and forgotten pleasures in life. Little food, little home advice, little beauty and much peace. A little taste of this exciting project can be found on my Cinematography page or if you follow this link.

Project is supposed to kick off live in spring, together with warm, sunny days!

More news soon. :-)

In the mean time, you can check Ivan's blog, A Normandy Kitchen for more inspiring recipes, or have a glimpse of his day to day cooking adventures on his Instagram feed.