Photographer, cinematographer

Ancuța Iordăchescu

i play with light, it helps counter the darkness of my vampiric romanian soul.

Since 2002 I've been a Freelance Photographer and Cinematographer, traveling a little from here to there, presently settled in Paris, France.

2017 - work in progress since 2015 on an observational documentary about the life and work of school teachers in Biskopsgården, Gotenbourg, one of Sweden's (ignorantly called) "no go" areas.
2016 - premiere of the latest feature film I have shot as a cinematographer in Morocco, "BASTA", directed by Hasanne Dahani

2014 - i have illustrated Paris Express the cook book of the acclaimed Canadian TV personality and cook book author, Laura Calder.

2008-2014 have been working as a cinematographer in Morocco, on local TV Dramas and Series

2000-2008 I have continuously worked as a camera assistant and then as a focus puller for more than fifteen features films, plus documentaries and commercials.

2004 - Bachelors Degree specialising in Film and Television Cinematography at National University of Theatre and Film "I.L. Caragiale", Bucharest, Romania.

2001 - Documentary Scholarship at La Femis, Paris, France 

1998-2002 Studied Cinematography at Media University, Bucharest, Romania. 

1998 - Baccalauréat of Fine Arts 

1994-1998 Studied Fine Arts at Fine Arts High School in Buzau, Romania, specialising in Sculpture and Drawing. 

  •  I speak Romanian(mother tongue), French, English, Italian, Spanish and now learning Swedish.